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Scott Kennedy
Scott Kennedy’s quiet, contemplative portraits, often of neighbors or family members, are done in the kind of traditional direct realism that has prompted the Art Renewal Center to endorse him as an “ARC Living Artist“, with a featured page on their site. He was also a finalist in their 2008 International ARC Salon.

Kennedy received a BFA from Colorado State University and pursued a career in illustration, eventually transitioning into gallery art. He now resides in Northern Colorado.

He has set off his latest series of portraits by framing them in antique window frames, complete with weathered shutters and iron hinges. The contrast in the rough materials emphasizes the refined paint handling, tonal control and modeling in the portraits, and also helps establish a reflective mood.

In addition to his web site, Kennedy has a blog in which he discusses his technique and shows works in various stages of completion.


One response to “Scott Kennedy”

  1. Scott, these are really wonderful portraits! So luminous and telling. I hope you would take a look at, we have an artist network and I think you would be an incredible addition to the 1700 artists around the world who meet here to talk, comment on each others works, and have the chance to be represented in our online commercial gallery! Hope to see you there.