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Terrick Williams

Terrick John WIlliams

Terrick Williams, who you will also find mentioned as Terrick John Williams, and occasionally John Terrick Williams, was an English painter who specialized in landscape and marine paintings, in oil, watercolor and pastel.

Initially, his desire to be a painter had to be deferred, and he was required to work in his family’s soap and perfume business for eight years. He finally suffered a breakdown and his family relented on his desire to study art.

Williams is often referred to as an English Impressionist, and indeed his bright, light filled scenes of boats, fishermen and seaside towns owe much to the influence of the French Impressionists and other painters that he encountered in he studies and travels in Europe.

Williams started out in a more traditional vein, studying in Antwerp with Charles Verlat, and in Paris with Benjamin Constant and William-Adolphe Bouguereau at the Académie Julian.

His paintings of locations like Venice, Paris and St. Tropez were popular in England; he became a saught after painter and was elected a member of the Royal Academy of Arts and the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours.

He also was commissioned to create paintings for a series of posters for the London Transport System.

Williams has enjoyed renewed popularity, and his painting Evening – Concarneau (image above, top, with detail, second down) recently sold at auction for six times more than any previous auction of his work; as described on Paul Fraser Collectibles (with a high-res image).

[Auction news via Art Knowledge News]


4 responses to “Terrick Williams”

  1. Interesting painter. Reminds me a bit on Frederick Mulhaupt.

    1. Thanks, Valentino! I wasn’t aware of Mulhaupt, but will probably feature him in a future post. I agree that the approach and surface have a similar feel.

      Other readers should check out Valentino Radman’s blog, which has articles on a number of interesting and less well known artists, many of them from Croatia. You can find Valentino’s own work in his website.

  2. Thanks Charley 😉

  3. The 2nd painting above, also Concarneau, is in my gallery at the moment. One of my top five artists of all time. Keep up the good work!