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Jeu and L’homme sans ombre (Georges Schwizgebel)

Jeu and Lhomme sans ombre (Georges Schwizgebel)
Jeu (French for “game”) is an award-winning short (4 minute) animated film by Swiss filmmaker Georges Schwizgebel, by way of the National Film Board of Canada (top two frames above).

In the tradition of Disney’s Fantasia, it’s visual interpretation of a piece of music, in this case fairly free-form and constantly changing and morphing.

It gets most interesting about 2 minutes in, when Schwizgebel starts to play games with the structure of architectural interiors and related elements.

Schwizgebel plays some similar games with perspective and “camera angle” in L’homme sans ombre (“The man without a shadow”, bottom two frames above), a longer (10 minute) animated short about a man who makes a Faustian deal to trade his shadow for wealth.

Both films are wordless. The animation throughout has a rough, hand-painted look of gouache or pastel, though it may be oil, in a technique known as “paint-on-glass animation“.

I did not find a dedicated site for Schwizgebel, but you can find more of his films with a Google video search.


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  1. I just wanted to point out that there is a quotation mark in the first link in the text which prevents it from working.

    1. Corrected. Thanks!

  2. You have your finger consistently on the pulse of brilliant work. I have just viewed l’homme sans hombre, a spectacular work. I am reminded of two artists I follow, Drawings from Nature and wrack line who recognize with elegant consistency the importance of the shadow to the whole. Their work informs my viewing of l’homme sans ombre, and, in particular, the striking scene where he runs after a shadow, seeking in vain to make it his own. Thank you, once again, so much for shining a light on this wonderful artist.

  3. Now this is great work. very nice. 🙂

  4. It is great. Finishing 400 paintings for a 4 min animation? Wonderful!