Lines and Colors art blog

Dan P. Carr
Dan P. Carr is a Virginia based illustrator whose online illustration portfolio, as far as I can tell, consists of a Flickr set, and whose blog covers a number of delightfully rambling topics, from posts on choosing colors for palettes, to the names of colors in Old English, to vintage Cream videos, to Yeats poems, to Chicken recipes, all interspersed with reproduction of his very nice small still life paintings.

These, usually of fruit and vegetable subjects, are vibrantly colored, richly textured and have a painterly immediacy that is very appealing. Oddly, they are often linked to Flickr versions of the image that are essentially no larger than they are shown in the blog post.

His blog hasn’t been updated for a while, but past posts indicate that he has lapsed before and then returned with new posts. In the meanwhile there are plenty of idiosyncratic musings and delightful still lifes to keep you browsing through past posts for a while.