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MicroVisions 5 auction

MicroVisions 5 auction: Michael Kaluta, Bill Carman, Donato Giancola, Allen Williams
MicroVisions is a yearly auction of small (5×7″, 12x17cm) paintings by noted science fiction and fantasy artists, arranged by Irene Gallo and Dan Dos Santos, the proceeds of which go to the Society of Illustrators student scholarship fund.

This year’s participating artists include Scott Altmann, Scott Bakal, Rick Berry, Bill Carman, Jon Foster, Donato Giancola, Michael Kaluta, Tim O’Brien, Omar Rayyan, Allen Williams, and Boris Vallejo (links to my posts on the artists).

The auction is now live on eBay and runs until next Wednesday, May 26, 2010.

(Images above: Michael Kaluta, Bill Carman, Donato Giancola, Allen Williams)

[Thanks to Bill Carman for the heads-up.]


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  1. Wow, what great expressions.