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Southwest Art Magazine: 
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Southwest Art is a print magazine devoted to American Western art, with a focus on contemporary artists. The magazine is a division of F+W Media, and is related to sister publications that include The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist and The Pastel Journal.

They post a number of full articles from the magazine on their website, along with related images, currently including several from their November 2010 issue. These feature artists like Clyde Aspevig, Rock Newcomb, Mark Haworth, Raj Chaudhuri (who I featured previously here) and Daniel Keys (who I featured here).

There is a blog and lists of other articles (accessed from the drop-down menu in the red navigation bar), that also frequently features entire articles and images.

The magazine holds competitions, one called 21 Under 31, focusing on young, emerging artists under 31 (featured in their September 2010 issue and linked on the website here), and another called 21 Over 31, focusing on artists from 31 to 64 years of age (featured in the November 2010 issue and arranged as a linked list here).

Though the focus is on a a particular region of the U.S. that is often considered to have its own approach and range of subjects, the artists and work featured would be of interest to anyone who enjoys contemporary landscape, still life and figurative art.

(Images above: Daniel Keys, Clyde Aspevig, Rock Newcomb, Raj Chaudhuri, Mark Haworth)


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  1. Your conclusion is the right on the money, Charley. Southwest Art is not just for or even just about the Southwest.

    Reminds me of a truck we sometimes see on the roads here. In big letters the truck’s signage says, “Long Island Egg & Poultry.” Then, in smaller type below, it says, “We’re not just eggs and poultry.”

  2. I read the issue of “21 under 31” and though there was some great talent, I was shocked at how many young artists said their style was “realism”. I have discovered some great current talent (Arin Waddell and Angie Renfro in Sept ’10 issue)through this publication and am glad you shared it with your readers! The publication is a great resource!

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