Waterhouse Gallery Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010

Waterhouse Gallery Great American Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010: Jeremy Lipking, Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, Steve Hanks, Craig Nelson, Jennifer McChristian
Waterhouse Gallery in Santa Brbara, California has drawn from its stable of artists to present their Great American Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010.

The online preview of the exhibit includes one or more images by each artist. You can click on the thumbnails for a larger view and some information about the artist. You can then come back to the gallery’s main page, find the artist’s name and click through for more images of work by that artist.

While the emphasis is on figurative subjects, the selections include figures in interiors, landscapes and other environments. The artists reception was yesterday, November 20, 2010. Unfortunately, the gallery’s website neglects to mention the closing date for the exhibition.

The Waterhouse Gallery’s regularly represented artists include a number of terrific painters, a few of whom I’ve featured in the past here on Lines and Colors.

Images above: Jeremy Lipking, Richard Schmid, Scott Burdick, Steve Hanks, Craig Nelson, Jennifer McChristian (links are to my posts).


8 Replies to “Waterhouse Gallery Figurative Artists Exhibition 2010”

  1. Glad to see Steve Hanks so well represented at the Waterhouse site. Also nice that you included his painting in your images.

    Your blog entry about Steve a few weeks back was wonderful with some very interesting comments.

    For those like me who love the human figure, the Waterhouse selected works are like an early Christmas present.

    Thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  2. What a cruel way to find out about this exhibit! I Live in Santa Barbara, read Lines and Colors every day, Jeremy Lipking and Scott Burdick are heroes of mine and still I didn’t know about it. There was very little local promotion for this event; I even walked by the gallery on friday and didn’t notice any signs. A tragic mistake on my part.

    Thanks for posting! I may have missed the entire show but for your diligence. The Waterhouse Gallery really is a treasure, I’m glad it’s getting some publicity.

    – Taylor

  3. Once, again six artists promoted – of them, only one is a woman. Does the gallery’s stable have only one female figurative artist?? It’s 2010!

    I love this site, but every so often it disappoints.

  4. Thanks for the comment, Eileen.

    I understand your sentiment, but if you’re referring to the artists whose images I used to accompany the post, I chose them because they happen to be the ones on the gallery’s list that I have previously written posts about as individuals.

  5. I believe absolutely that a person should not be targeted for discrimination because of their sex. I also believe that they shouldn’t be promoted solely because of their sex. The politics of this sentiment,in my humble opinion, has no place in art.

  6. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer McChristian at an art show opening. She is a genuinely nice person.

    I know you must see original art to fully appreciate it and having admired her work online I was excited to see her paintings and drawings in person.

    She has an incredible economy in her brushstrokes, each one simultaneously describing light, value, color etc., and (in her figures and animals) gesture, posture, and especially, emotional attitude.

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