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Mailbag Art Museum (Sarah Musi)

Mailbag art museum, Sarah Musi, Robert Hargrave, Tiffany Bozic, Allison Sommers
Sarah Musi, an illustrator and comics artist based in Washington State, has come up with one of those “don’t you wish you had thought of it” ideas, and recently embarked on a project she calls “mailbag art museum“.

In August of this year Musi created a list of her “favorite artists in the whole wide world“, and over the period of a few weeks sent each of them an original work painted on an artist trading card (see my post on artist trading cards).

These were accompanied by a blank card and an invitation, in comic strip form, to return the card with a corresponding piece of original work, however simple or elaborate, and an answer to a question posed with the original letter.

To date she has received 6 responses and has posted them on the project’s blog along with the original piece she sent to them, a brief description and a short bio of the artist.

In the images above, I’ve placed Musi’s original piece on the left, next to the pieces received in response — top right: Robert Hargrave, middle right: Tiffany Bozic, third right: Allison Sommers. I’ve also taken the liberty of reproducing a photo from Sommers’ blog showing the relative size of the cards.

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2 responses to “Mailbag Art Museum (Sarah Musi)”

  1. Grrrreat idea! I had no idea what the ATC was until I started blogging – and I had to ask.

  2. irtisaam Avatar

    I know many artists make use of the small canvasses. I have heard of playing cards, people making mini-galleries, and people doing art contests, using the small format as a way to guarantee productivity.