Olga Antonenko and Arseny Gutov (update)

CGpolis: Olga Antonenko and Arseny Gutov
When I first wrote about Russian concept artists, matte painters and illustrators Olga Antonenko and Arseny Gutov back in 2006, I was disappointed that their shared website, CGpolis didn’t assign credits for individual pieces, so it was impossible to determine which works were by one artist or the other, or whether any or all were collaborative.

The bad news is that I still can’t find much about the two artists individually, short of a small gallery on CGSociety credited to Antonenko, and two digital portraits on CGSociety and a small deviantART gallery devoted to Gutov.

The good news is that the CGplis site has been expanded and added to with more of their work. It’s divided into sections devoted to concept art, matte painting, 3D Graphics, compositing, cartoons and personal artworks in both digital and traditional media.

Of particular interest to me were the cartoons and concept art sections, where their boldly colorful and wonderfully stylized work for a number of projects comes to the fore.


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  1. Olga is a very good artist.I worked with her on a cartoon project and very proud of it.As far as I know her style of painting, concepts of cartoons and games is her job.And of course her traditional painting and drawing.

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