Mukesh Singh

Mukesh Singh
Mukesh Singh moved from working with a gaming company as a 3D artist and concept designer into drawing comics, working for the then new Virgin Comics publishing house.

He moved from his base in Mumbai to new quarters in Bangalore and took on comics full time. He has worked on titles like Devi, Guy Ritchie’s Gamekeeper and Jenna Jameson’s Shadow, but first came to my attention with I saw his striking work for Grant Morrison’s 18 Days (images above), an adaptation of the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharata.

The latter title isn’t comics format but an illustrated book with story and art on facing pages, apparently from scripts Morrison has been working on for an animated version of the story. There is a great preview of some of the images, and the best example I can find of Singh’s work, on Parka Blogs.

Beyond that, I can find little information about Singh; he doesn’t appear to currently have a web site or blog. What little I know about his background comes from an interview conducted by Saurav Mohapatra on Comics Waiting Room.

[Addendum: Siju Thomas (see this post’s comments) was kind enough to let us know that Mukesh currently lives and works in Mumbai, is working with Liquid comics and is on LinkedIn.]

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  1. Mukesh lives and works in Mumbai.
    He is working with Liquid comics.
    He can be found on linkedin.

    Siju Thomas

  2. I stumbled upon 18 Days a few months ago and was amazed by Mr. Singh’s content. The art was astounding and the partial script outline throughout the book by Mr. Morrison makes me really want to see this project become a reality. If you can find the book, grab it. It also says that it’s 18 Days: Book 1….I can’t wait for books 2 & 3!

  3. Hello Mukesh Sir,
    I found your blog while searching for comic and character artists, actually i am looking for art classes. If you provide training as well, I would like to take lessons or classes from you.

    Thank You.

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