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Kirb Your Enthusiasm

Jack Kirby: Kirb Your Enthusiasm: Thor, Captain America, Kamandi, Mr. Miracle, Fantastic Four
HiLoBrow, a cultural blog/zine/site whose motto is “Middlebrow is not the solution”, has asked 25 of their favorite writers to examine and write on individual comics panels by Jack “King” Kirby, one of the greats of late 20th Century comics art, in a feature called Kirb Your Enthusiasm. (I’ll write more on Jack Kirby, who is one of my favorites, in a future post.)

The panels are taken from a wide range comics selected from various phases of Kirby’s extensive and highly influential career. Every Kirby fan has their favorite Kirby “era” and titles (mine being early “Silver Age” Fantastic Four, Thor and Strange Tales).

The panels themselves are linked to larger versions, posted in high resolution in all of their process color dots on cheap newsprint glory.

There’s an introductory post that begins the series and contains a list of the comics from which the panels are taken and the writers who are commenting on them, including those few in the series not yet posted.

I can’t say that any of these panels are ones that I personally would have singled out, but I find the entire exercise fascinating, even if just for prompting me to think about a few of my own favorites — a terrific notion.

Though the commentary is a bit “insider”, aimed at those already familiar with American comic books in general and Kirby in particular, other readers may find the way these writers have found individual comic panels worthy of discourse different and interesting.

(Comic titles for Jack Kirby images above: Thor, Captain America, Kamandi, Mr. Miracle, Fantastic Four)

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3 responses to “Kirb Your Enthusiasm

  1. …other readers my find… would read better as other readers MAY find.

    I was forbidden comic books in my youth, although I was encouraged at every turn to pursue artistic avenues. As an adult, I find myself drawn to the online ‘graphics’ for composition and technique. I can’t imagine how much work it is to compose panels – especially those that are worthy of standing on their own.

    1. Corrected. Thanks.

      See my post on Scott McCloud’s book for some context on the art of Making Comics.

  2. Jack Kirby, the best.