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Alphonse Mucha on Gallica Digital Library

Alphonse Mucha on Gallica Digital Library
Pecay from Bibliodyssey, who has a knack for these things, points us to a nice selection of posters from Alphonse (Alfons) Mucha, the Czech artist whose name is essentially synonymous with “Art Nouveau”.

The images are on the Gallica Digital Library, produced by the National Library of France.

There are three pages of images (arrows at top and bottom), and discounting multiple copies of the same poster, about 30 posters.

Though not the largest or best Mucha images available on the web, it’s a nice selection and an enjoyable diversion. You can find more Mucha resources in my previous posts listed below.

[Addendum: I just noticed that in a nice bit of synchronicity Gurney Journey has a post today about Mucha’s very different images for “La Pater“.]