Edward Kwong

Edward Kwong
Canadian illustrator Edward Kwong studied at the Alberta School of Art and Design in Calgary, and is now based in Montreal.

Kwong takes his affection for early 20th Century art movements like Cubism, Art Deco and Futurism and mixes them in the blender of his strong graphic design sensibilities, resulting in a delightful amalgam of influence and inspiration, reference and reinvention, arrayed in his own unique compositions.

Some of his works deal in lines and flat shapes of color, others are more rendered, like his “Mythos Project” series (images above, second from the bottom); some are richly colored, others monochromatic, or rendered in a subdued range of hues.

The opening page of Kwong’s website serves as the portfolio, with choices of professional and personal work on the left. He maintains a blog in which you can see preliminary stages of portfolio pieces, as well as other works, finished or in progress.

Kwong was also a contributor to volumes 1 and 2 of The Anthology Project comics anthology (click on links for “Previews” from this page), and created the cover for the second volume (above, second down).

There is an illustrated interview with Kwong on Squidface & The Meddler.

He has a selection of prints available on inPRNT.

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  1. Thank you Mr Parker for introducing me to this exciting artist – all my favourite art ‘isms’ rolled into one! A veritable feast for my eye-buds.

    Does anyone know if he is involved with the comic “Mugwump and Billy” ? The style of that artwork looks very similar to his.

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