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Duane Keiser’s Peel

Duane Keiser's Peel
I just love this.

Back in December of 2004, Virginia based painter and teacher Duane Keiser originated the phenomenon that has come to be known as “painting a day“, in which painter/bloggers paint a small work and post it to a blog each day.

He painted a small painting everyday for about two years, and has since then painted his small works on a varied schedule, but has maintained a strong painting practice.

Keiser has a wonderful recent post on his blog, a short time-lapse video called Peel, in which he paints a tangerine, peels it partway, repaints it on the same panel, peels it some more, repaints it again, sections it, paints it again, reduces it to a single section and paints it again. Wonderful!

You can view the video on Keiser’s site, or on YouTube somewhat larger.

You can see the finished painting here. As of this writing, the painting is up for bid on eBay.

To me, this is not just a fun and novel painting demo, it’s also a vivid demonstration of the real rewards of a dedicated painting regimen.

The accumulated years of frequent practice grant him the skill with eye, hand and materials to not only repaint his subject multiple times on the same canvas, passing up multiple opportunities to say “finished”, but to consider an experiment like this in the first place, in which painting is the point, rather than a painting.

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  1. Excellent! Really very clever!

  2. Remarkable. What a treasure to be able to watch such a fine artist at work, and what a clever idea he’s come up with here to show what he can do.

  3. This is really amazing!
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Been following your blog for a long time and want to say thanks for all the quality postings.

  4. Truly a wonderful video on many levels. Love that thumb!

  5. Bennett Avatar

    ‘Tis very cool! Love the transition. iUniverse