Ray Morimura

Ray Morimura
Tokyo born artist Ray Morimura creates woodblock and linocut prints that manage to feel at once traditional and modern.

His crisp, sharp edges of color delineate forms that often repeat or combine to form patterns, at times varying in size to suggest perspective and distance.

Morimura studied painting at Tokyo Gakugel University. He originally worked in abstraction but, inspired by the prints of Shigeru Hatsuyama and Sumio Kawakami, he took up the study of woodplock prints.

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  1. I like how you use the colors. Colors can create a special mood, excellent work. As having synesthesia I live a life of colors. I see colors when I hear names and numbers. If you like you can check out my synesthesia paintings on Wordsintocolor.com.

  2. ..so still, so peaceful, so serene BUT there’s so much MOVEMENT, extremely & cleverly creative, talented, a joy to have seen, thank you.

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