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Mattias Adolfsson (update)

Since I wrote about Mattias Adolfsson back in 2009, he has continued to fill his blog, Mattias Inks, with his marvelously whimsical illustrations, sketches, drawings and watercolors.

They range from finished illustrations, a number of which are for Wired, through complex Moleskein drawings to simple but charming doodles.

He has recently collected a variety of them into a book titled The first in line.

He has stuffed a lot of drawings and illustrations into the 160-page book, judging from the video flip-through on his site, which gives a good idea of the range and scope of the contents. There is also a picture of the cover here, and more info here.

If you order before June 1, Adolfsson will sign your copy and include a small doodle.


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  1. Steampunk for kids!