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Reykjavík Center Map

Reykjavik Center Map
The interactive Reykjavík Center Map, which at first glance might appear to be a Google Earth style map with computer modeled buildings in isometric perspective, is in fact a hand-illustrated image, apparently in pen and ink and watercolor.

I can’t find specific credits for the art, but one of the team who worked on the map said it took over two years and 3,000 hours to create.

Beautifully done, with wonderful little touches of detail and local texture, the map can be zoomed in on to appreciate the drawings.

Oh yes, you can also use it to find your way around the center of Iceland’s capital, along with places to eat, sites to visit and stores to buy your Sugarcubes CDs.

[Via The Map Room by way of MetaFilter]

[Addendum: Snorri Þór Tryggvason was kind enough to write (see this post’s comments) and let us know that he and a group of friends are the creators of the map. They are architects and go collectively by the name of “Borgarmynd” (“City-Image”). He points out that their names are scattered throughout the map (one more fun thing to look for).]


6 responses to “Reykjavík Center Map”

  1. Wow wow wow!
    Something I would have liked to get my pens on! 🙂

  2. There is some credits on the drawing, left side alongside the road Sæbraut on the edge to the water.

    A beautyfull way to make a map!

  3. Hey, I actually made this map with some friends. We´re all architects, based in Iceland and we go under the name “Borgarmynd” (which literally translates to City-Image)

    Thanks for your comments 🙂

    ps: well spotted @Blom 😉 We the people who made the map are actually all on it as well, you just have to look, we´re scattered throughout the map

    1. Thanks, Snorri. Beautiful work. I’ve added the information to the post.

  4. Hi, I am a daily visitor and was surprised and very pleased to see those beautiful drawings of my home city at my favorite blog.

    Best regards.
    Karl Jóhann Jónsson, Iceland

  5. How did I miss this? I love Reykjavik, and this map is absolutely gorgeous! Also, love your blog 🙂