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Justin Gerard and Jeremy Enecio at Gallery Nucleus

Justin Gerard and Jeremy Enecio at Gallery Nucleus
Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California has two new shows that showcase the work of Justin Gerard, who I featured in 2009, and Jeremy Enecio, who I wrote about in 2010.

St. George and the Dragon by Justin Gerard (gallery of works here) and Embodiments by Jeremy Enecio (gallery of works here) run until August 29, 2011.

You can also visit the artists’ websites: Justin Gerard (note: plays unasked-for music that can’t be turned off) and Jeremy Enecio.

[Note: some works in galleries should be considered NSFW]

(Images above, top two: Justin Gerard, bottom two: Jeremy Enecio)


5 responses to “Justin Gerard and Jeremy Enecio at Gallery Nucleus”

  1. Caroline Avatar

    On the note of St. George and the Dragon. You can find Justin’s making of for both of the images you’ve posted on

    1. Thanks, Caroline. For the benefit of other readers, here is the link:

  2. How do I download his work from simple viewer? I don’t like the idea of getting a low res. screen shot. The right click download image is not there 🙁

    1. The SimpleViewer images are in Flash. He hasn’t offered alternate versions on the website. For larger images see Gerard’s blog.

  3. Oh wow, I love those St. George paintings!