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Van Gogh on 60 Minutes/Overtime

Van Gogh on 60 Minutes/Overtime
This Sunday, October 16, 2011, the CBS TV newsmagazine 60 Minutes is doing a feature on Vincent van Gogh, focusing on a new biography, Van Gogh: The Life by Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith, that suggests Van Gogh may not have taken his own life as has been commonly assumed.

Immediately after the television show, there is an online follow-up feature called 60 Minutes Overtime that carries on with the subject of Van Gogh, in which host Morley Safer discusses the artist and his work, and reads excerpts from his letters.

For that segment, the producers have worked out sequences in which Safer will be speaking from “within” Van Gogh paintings, courtesy of some bluescreen & CGI sleight of hand.

There is an article on the 60 Minutes Overtime site, that includes a video preview and a discussion of how the projections were done, as well as a story and video preview for the TV show on the main 60 Minutes site.

I assume the 60 Minutes Overtime segment will be available from the font of the site just after the TV show ends.

[Addendum: try this link for the web based show. It turns out to be only about 5 minutes long.

To satisfy any additional cravings for van Gogh videos, try these from the Van Gogh Museum, and these from ArtBabble.]


3 responses to “Van Gogh on 60 Minutes/Overtime

  1. Thanks for this great information. I’ll certainly watch the show(s); which I probably would have missed.

  2. John Dale Avatar
    John Dale

    As thought-provoking as it was interesting. Likely will buy the book. JBD

  3. cindy overall Avatar
    cindy overall

    Ask the authors if they don’t remember a woman who lived to 108 yrs. old or there abouts, in the same area( I think that she died in the 70’s or 80’s) and she remembered her mother talking about Van Gogh, She told her daughter to always stay away from him because he was frequently drunk.
    I really look forward to your book. I hope that you included info. on Anton Mauve, whom, I believe taught Van Gogh how to paint in the beginning.
    Thank you again for wonderful enlightenment on Van Gogh.

    Cindy O verall