Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones
New York based painter Andrew Jones finds beauty in architectural details, particularly those involving patterns like the iron railings that line the stoops in many of the city’s neighborhoods.

He also finds fascinating patterns in the complex shadows cast by railings across the multiple planes of stairs in bright sunlight.

The sections of his online galleries also include broader streetscapes, landscapes, European scenes and floral studies.

Note that in many of the galleries, there are multiple pages, particularly in the Iron Railings section. There are also archives of paintings in all of the categories.

Be sure to choose “Full screen image” at the right of the images to view the larger versions; Jones’ work is more painterly and rich in texture than is evident in the smaller images.

Jones’ paintings on on display in a solo show at the Salmagundi Club in New York until October 29, 2011.

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    1. Thanks, Dave. I assume it’s oil from the look of the paintings. I hadn’t thought of the musical comparison, but I see it now that you point it out – perhaps from the use of repeated patterns and visual intervals.

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