Art Nouveau style mural in Montreal

Art Nouveau style mural in Montreal by A'Shop
Here in Philadelphia, which has, I believe, more anti-graffiti murals than any other city in North America, I’ve seen my share of large scale and nicely done murals on the sides of buildings.

However, in Montreal, members of A’Shop, an artists collective that draws from the graffiti and street art culture, has created a mural that is inspired by Art Nouveau designs (primarily Mucha’s background designs), an approach I have not seen before.

Ironically, the mural is done using graffiti techniques and tools – spray paint. There is an article on My Modern Met that goes into the process of painting the mural, and another on the A’Shop site.

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  1. That’s mostly gorgeous, but I’m glad I don’t have to look at it every day. Seems like there are some nagging anatomical issues with her face…not that it isn’t a rough angle at which to compose a face.

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