Daniel van Benthuysen

Daniel van Benthuysen
Artists often select themes within their chosen disciplines, producing series of works with similar subjects. Daniel van Benthuysen, originally from St. Louis and now based on Long Island, NY, is exploring two themes that I find particularly interesting.

One is a series he calls “Rooftops” in which the edges and angles of rooftops form his compositions. Not only do the subjects make for interesting compositions in themselves, the series makes you want to pay attention to rooftops and edges that might otherwise be passed by as commonplace as you walk below them.

The other is a series of still life paintings in which the subjects are seashells. These provide an appealing assortment of colors, textures and interesting shapes, as well as presenting the opportunity to explore the effects of light through their translucent surfaces.

Van Benthuysen’s website includes galleries of those subjects, as well as additional still life subjects, plein air paintings and more. Many of the images are linked to larger versions.

There is also a selection of his small paintings for sale on UGallery.

3 Replies to “Daniel van Benthuysen”

  1. Love this artist’s work. What a great idea to focus on rooftops! The top painting with the shadow of the transformer on the building is really wonderful. The pinecones with shadows would be would be a fantastic series.

  2. Nice that you focused on the still lifes and the roof top series; well done. However, his portrait and especially his figurative work had me scratching my head, trying to connect those over worked, poorly drawn, student grade figurative works to the same artist, but maybe that’s just me. I’ll look again.


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