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Janet Ternoff

Janet Ternoff
Self taught New York artist Janet Ternoff finds great fascination in the facades and interiors of buildings.

She works in a realistic style, at times with considerable detail. She works in a range of sizes, from 8×10 to considerably larger.

Her series of exteriors of bars, stores and restaurants feel in a way as if portraits of the establishments, with lots of attention to details of signs and other characteristics of the facades.

She also has a series of surface and subway trains as wall as a series of interiors that I particularly enjoy, particularly when they feature staircases in older buildings.

In all of her compositions, Ternoff is continually finding fascinating play of light, from brief splashes of highlights against weathered brick to deep contrasts of shadow and sunlight. She also paints scenes of twilight and nighttime, as well scenes with stormy or overcast skies.

Her website has a gallery divided into subsections, one of which, “New collection” is divided again into further subsections.

Ternoff also maintains a blog called New York Street Art.


8 responses to “Janet Ternoff”

  1. I enjoy the play of light in her New York scenes, particularly her empty desolate cityscapes and warehouse district paintings, often with New York’s bridges looming in the background. Her nocturnes are among my favorites too, as are the fire escapes.

  2. 99% beautiful. -1% for the terrible trees.

  3. I wish I lived somewhere where there is such rich subject matter but here in the desert there is only gray green and ugly buildings. I wonder what she would paint here?

    1. I can’t speak for her, of course, but I think she would paint the light and shadows on the gray green desert buildings, and find the beauty in the light, if not the buildings themselves. Look at her paintings of decrepit, “ugly” warehouses.

      I think the challenge for all of us who sometimes wish for better subject matter than is right around us, is to see our surroundings with fresh eyes, as though we had never seen them before.

  4. Agreed. Charley. I live in NY and she is seeing the same street scenes I see but rendering them as perceived through her own vision. My first reaction was that these seemed to have been painted by someone from another century even though the content is from here and now. Just paying attention to the light at particular points in the day makes a huge difference. Even the ugliest buildings can look pretty good a half hour before sunset.

    1. Yeah, isn’t that an amazing time? All of the reds get richer too.

      For the benefit of other readers, take a look at Daniel van Benthuysen’s series of paintings of the unassuming subject of rooftops.

  5. Ms. Anne Thrope Avatar
    Ms. Anne Thrope

    The Dean & Deluca painting shown here is one I purchased for my daughter as she is a big fan of NYC (I do not understand). Anyway, I purchased another Ternoff painting for my son ‘Puffy’s Tavern’ & I check back from time-to-time to Ms. Ternoff’s web page. Most of her work is quite pleasant & an ‘idealized’ depiction of the subject matter. I enjoy the bulk of her paintings.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Looks like your daughter got a very nice painting.