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Sean Cheetham (update)

Sean Cheetham
Since writing a post about portraitist and figurative artist Sean Cheetham in 2008, I still know little more about him than I did then, which wasn’t much.

Still, I’ve gathered what additional resources I can for an update post. His direct, uncompromising portraits have a wonderful sense of presence and personality, as well as a painterly surface and strong compositions.

Cheetham’s website seems largely abandoned in that its single page is linked to a gallery that is a lapsed domain name.

However, his blog, though infrequently updated, has some new work, and his paintings are currently on exhibit in a show at the Katherine Cone Gallery in Los Angeles that runs until March 10, 2012.

In addition there are a couple of time-lapse videos of Cheetham giving portrait demonstrations on YouTube here and here.

Cheetham is an instructor at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art and there is a brief bio and gallery on their site.

There is also an article on Painting Perceptions and another on Artist Daily with a gallery.


6 responses to “Sean Cheetham (update)”

  1. Nice to see another post and new work on Cheetham here Charley even if his online presence is elusive. Makes it tough to find out where he shows his work.
    I recently saw the top painting, a self portrait I think, at a small show here in San Pedro California.
    I also visited the Mendenhall Sobieski Gallery (his website link) in Pasadena California, (which I think is closed), a few years back for one of his shows, drawings and paintings. Great work.

  2. Great post, Charley.

    He combines two traits not often found together in the same painting: on the one hand there is direct emotional engagement with the sitters that would seem to come only from first-hand observation (as opposed to say, working from photos, memory or imagination.) On the other hand, there are compositional experiments normally emphasized by artists in the absence of a live model’s presence.

  3. Hey Sean,
    Mike Lockwood said he was talking with you the other day. I tried finding you on the internet-and I did find you but couldn’t find any way to contact you . . . but then that’s what I guess I’m doing now. I just wanted to say; you no good m(&(&%%er-f&%$##@#ing Basta&d for getting so good. I can’t express how proud I am of you. The work is awesome. It would be great to talk with you sometime or meet up.
    Chris Polentz

    1. Chris, It’s unlikely that Sean will see your comment here. There is a contact email address on the home page of his site.

  4. Richard Avatar

    Wanted to know when are you giving classes and where?

    1. Richard,

      Sean Cheetham is unlikely to see your comment here. His blog lists an email address. I don’t know if it’s current, but you could try it.