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The Story of Animation

The Story of Animation, David Tart and Tumblehead Studios
Though it’s nicely tongue in cheek, The Story of Animation, a short video from graduates of The Animation Workshop, has an actual purpose.

The talented young animators graduating from the Danish animation school found companies interested in using animation in promoting their products or services, but they also found their potential clients ignorant of the process of creating an animation and laboring under misconceptions about things like the degree of involvement required from them and the difference in cost in creating different kinds of animation.

The film is more an introduction to the process of working with an animator or animation studio on a commercial animation than an actual history of the form, but it is amusing and well done with a nicely retro/modern feel.

The animation has a dedicated website. The short was written directed by David Tart and animated at Tumblehead Studios, additional credits here.

You can find reference and links to a number of other animations from former students of The Animation Studio on this MetaFilter post which is where I learned of the film.


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  1. This is true, it is very nice to promote our products by using animation, it also a kid convincing. These is a very great idea I ever knew.

  2. Thanks for sharing this animation video content.