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How Do Artists Protect Their Work Online? on Symbiartic

Dinosaur Cartoons, by Charley Parker
Writing for Symbiartic, a blog devoted to scientific art on Scientific American that he co-authors with Kalliopi Monoyios, Glendon Mellow recently asked several science related artists to comment on the question How Do Artists Protect Their Work Online?

Mellow asked me to participate, which I did in my role as the author/artist of Dinosaur Cartoons (also here).

I chose to talk about the issue of preventing people from downloading or otherwise accessing your images online (you can’t).

Read the entire article here.


2 responses to “How Do Artists Protect Their Work Online? on Symbiartic”

  1. Last line is perfect Charley. Only sure way is to put them in a lock box (apologies for the Gore reference) and bury them.

  2. Saying it: Being a terribly slow artist, mostly because it’s a part time endeavor. I haven’t posted my work very often simply because most of my art deals with a theme or idea that I have not finished, so I keep it close to my chest so that I can “protect my idea” until I have a the time to finish it the way I want to.
    The hard part about that is I do not get feedback, I do not have a online community to throw ideas at, and for all intense and purposes I am isolated. It’s a bit of a pickle because I certainly understand the need to have feedback to help correct the things wrong I tend not to see. I’ve been in this cycle for a long time… not sure when I’ll get out of it… for now I try to not worry about being online and just focus on trying to get better at my art and develop my ideas. Lunch over – back to the day job. As always Thanks for the links/blog Charlie. Cheers, Mike