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Franz Jüttner

Franz Juttner
Franz Jüttner was a German illustrator, cartoonist and caricaturist about whom there seems to be little available information on the net (at least that I can find without knowledge of the German language).

Unfortunately there are not many images either, but the ones that are available, primarily his illustrations from a well regarded German edition of Snow White are wonderful.

You can also find a few references to his editorial work.


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  1. The 4th image is strangely very comics.

    1. According to Lambiek, Juttner actually did some comics, though I think they were more like his editorial work in style.

  2. The fourth picture is ‘Das Schiksal der Armenier’ caricature (the ill-fate of the Armenians); another sad part of the history of mankind, representing the Genocide of Armenians by Ottoman Turks.
    The role of Turkish physicians in the WWI Genocide of Ottoman Armenians by Vahakn N. Dadrian
    ~The research which has been done into the Turkish genocide of Armenians in World War I has seldom dealt with the identities of the perpetrators. This study reveals the crucial role played by Turkish physicians in planning and carrying out this genocide. These physicians were influential in propagating the nationalist ideological justifications for this crime, as well as in organizing and leading units which killed Armerians through mass deportations, shooting, medical murder, medical experiments and other means. The evidence raises many disturbing questions regarding medical ethics when wedded to a radical, exclusive nationalist ideology
    © 1986 Pergamon Journals Ltd
    The picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. with thanks to Charley Parker,
    Poetry and music belong to the world of art, and therefore a note that the words under the last picture entitled ‘Das Schicksal der Armenier’ are taken from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe while Franz Schubert made it famous.
    The third couplet;
    “Ihr führt ins Leben uns hinein,
    -Ihr lasst den Armen schuldig werden,
    -Dann Uberlasst ihr ihn der Pein:
    -Denn jede Schuld rächt sich auf Erden”
    Enjoy the song

  4. Error: Dann überlasst Ihr ihn der Pein