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Robert Douglas Hunter

Robert Douglas Hunter
Boston painter Robert Douglas Hunter studied with R.H. Ives Gammell, carrying forward his defense of classical academic tradition in the face of modernist orthodoxy.

Hunter’s refined, elegant still life paintings of simple objects wrapped in soft light and contemplative stillness, carry echoes of the 19th century French ateliers and even further back to Chardin and the Dutch still life masters.

I don’t know of a dedicated site for Hunter, but I can direct you to galleries that feature his work as well as the Guild of Boston Artists, of which he was president for several years.

Hunter taught at the Vesper School of Art and the Worchester Art Museum. He is the recipient of numerous awards and his work is in the collections of museums and other institutions in the northeastern US and nationwide.


6 responses to “Robert Douglas Hunter”

  1. Phillip St. John Avatar
    Phillip St. John

    I have an older landscape with figure painted by Robert for sale. Contact me if you’re interested. I’ll provide a finder’s fee for anyone who brings a buyer.

  2. With most artists one feels a recognizable painting technique has evolved. With Hunter this process was so subtle and natural that one ends up feeling that even the objects portrayed have somehow evolved as stereotypical objects destined for a Hunter still life.

  3. I believe you are referring to the Worcester Art Museum. It is pronounced “wuss-ter” which always throws people off.

  4. Susan Avatar

    I love the serenity these paintings exude!

  5. adam hovey Avatar
    adam hovey

    I have a robert douglas painting that has been in my house ever since i was a young kid it is of a plate and a earth and wear jug and what looks like a brass can looks like his other work and is nitely printed in the bottom right corner robert douglas hunter i was wondering what it might be worth anyone know

  6. Ann Marie Avatar
    Ann Marie

    I recently purchased a large watercolor that I was told was painted by Mr Hunter.The painting came from an 80 yr. old relative named Joy Hunter. It is signed with what looks like a stamp the does depict the letters RDH.The painting is unlike anything that is displayed in any of the galleries. Any information would be appreciated.