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Tibor Nagy
Tibor Nagy is an artist from Slovakia who paints his plein air landscapes and townscapes with brusque, rough edged shards and chunks of color.

Over a base of thinly applied darks he layers thick paint, sometimes with a loaded brush and sometimes apparently troweled on with a painting knife. These applications are mixed in with scumbled passages, painting knife scrapings and areas in which the underlying block-in is deliberately left unfinished.

The resulting compositions are energetic and lively, with the paint surface providing texture to the landscapes and cascades of geometric substructure in his portrayal of weathered buildings.

In addition to the galleries on his website, there are two YouTube videos that are essentially slide show walkthroughs of his process.


19 responses to “Tibor Nagy”

  1. iam totally impressed by your works…fantastic!

  2. Iam now a fan of Tibor nagy..thanks for the info

  3. I love the freshness in Tibor’s style of painting. The thick “chunks” of color do not obscure the detail which I find very attractive and enticing.

    1. Thanks, Melissa.

      Other readers can see Melissa Tubbs beautiful pen and ink drawings of architectural and other subjects here, and my post on Melissa Tubbs here.

  4. Really wonderful loose style. Thanks for posting.

  5. Great boldness, simplicity, understands the medium. Great lessons to be taken in, just by seeing the work.
    I will reference this always.

  6. wonderful bold strokes, yet , without loosing it’s details. really amazing.

  7. Chris Brown Avatar
    Chris Brown


    Where can I find the prices for Tibor’s artwork to buy?

    Kind regards

  8. Mike shepherd Avatar
    Mike shepherd

    Such great work. Tibor is my go to guy for inpiration when my work get tired. Nice guy too. Went out of his way to track down an interview he had given Jeffery Sparks for me.

  9. wow, amazing work. I would like to be able to paint in this loose style. As a studio painter I have great admiration for plein air painters. Especially when they achieve results like this.

  10. Would love to follow your blog !

  11. Rupa. 5 march 2016 Avatar
    Rupa. 5 march 2016

    Excellent fantastic बहोत खुबसुरत

  12. Exellent!

  13. I would LOVE to paint like this. Beautiful.

  14. Robert Jeffery Avatar
    Robert Jeffery

    Everytime I see your work, I’m so totally inspired. I’m fighting the tighness that doesn’t seem to appear in any of your work. I envy that!! I have your book, but am so hungry to see anything of yours. Most paintings that I see that I want are sold.

  15. I think the intentional scratches and scrapes are a bit over the top, often seems like ‘filler’, but Tibor demonstrates mastery of values.

  16. Tibor Nagy is a young soul in an wise body. This building from gesture to form is not technique, it comes from seeing in time past, now and our experience. He is a time machine, not possible to replicate. Be moved. I am.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Tony. He is certainly remarkable.