Anna and Elena Balbusso

Anna and Elena Balbusso
Anna and Elena Balbusso are illustrators based in Milan, Italy.

They are twins and create their work as a team. There is a page on their website devoted to their working process.

Both studied at the Academy of Fine Arts “Brera” of Milan, and the University of Milan. Their work has appeared in numerous publications in Italy, France, the UK, Korea and the U.S. They have received recognition from the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, American Illustration Applied Arts, Print, and other publications and artists organizations.

The portfolios on their website are organized by “Graphic Style”, “Painterly Style” and “Children’s Books”. Within each category you will find both a variety of approaches and repeated stylistic elements.

Their work shows a firm grounding in the traditions of European art history as well as a sharply modern design sensibility, and the two are skillfully blended into a visually captivating whole.

I particularly admire their use of contrastingly muted and vibrantly rich colors, and the wonderful textural quality of their “painterly” style, as well as the strong design evident in all of their compositions.

You can find additional galleries of their illustrations on Shannon Associates, the iSpot, Behance and on, which is where I found their work by way of Irene Gallo.

Their illustration accompanies the new story Men Who Wish to Drown by Elizabeth Fama on the Tor website.

There is also a selection of their illustrations for The Handmaid’s Tale on The Guardian.

You can find additional resources on their links page.


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