Guido Daniele

Guido Daniele
Guido Daniele is an italian painter and illustrator based in Milan.

In 2000, Daniele started creating his “Handimals”, in which he applies body painting techniques to hands, poses them in positions that, along with the painting, result in images that resemble animals, portrayed with a wonderful sense of dynamics.

He has extended this to painted hand images of monuments, flowers and other objects, and his images in this series have been in demand for advertising and commercial clients, including a series for the World Wildlife Federation.

Daniele’s current website features galleries of his hand painting as well as body painting. (Note that the pop-out links to the right of those categories are that appear to say “Advertising Art” are in fact links to two different sections, “Advertising” and “Art”.)

You can also find additional work on his previous website, including his trompe l’oeil murals and other series of advertising art.

You can also find selection of larger images in this article on Beautylish.

[Note: some images in the Body Art section are NSFW.]

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