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Abandoned Paintings

Abandoned Paintings, bENCE hAJDU
An art student at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts who lists himself as bENCE hAJDU on Behance has posted a short series of images in which he has used digital image editing to remove the people from some classic paintings and fill in the backgrounds where they once existed.

Makes you think twice.

[Via NewsWorks]

Abandoned Paintings, bENCE hAJDU on Behance


5 responses to “Abandoned Paintings”

  1. Stephan Chobanian Avatar
    Stephan Chobanian

    Hmmm… Interesting, but he has taken out the most interesting part? 🙂

  2. These are quite haunting. I followed the link. The last supper! But my favourite is the last one, Fra Angelico’s “Annunciation” with just the virgin’s cloak left on her chair.

  3. Might have made a cooler statement if he had painted them himself to scale. Of course then he would have to try to paint like David et al. Yeah, digital is easier.

  4. My daughter’s device is “Less is more”, and she lives by it.
    Last week I went ‘abstract’ myself. Not as easy as I thought. Three strenuous days to complete one small piece of work!