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Peter Fiore
Peter Fiore is a landscape painter originally from New Jersey and now based in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Fiore’s landscapes are marvels of balanced contrasts of hue and value. Light is an actor here, flitting across the canvas, heightening passages of landscape and foliage, spotlighting the trunks of trees or strands of grass, and leaving other passages untouched.

Often Fiore will play with patches of light in the distance of his scenes, both emphasizing their depth and leading you into them. He also frequently uses light and value contrasts to create a sense of “here” and “there” in his compositions, which gives the viewer an even more visceral sense of presence in the scene.

He frequently uses a motif of two major color groups, for example: blues and golden yellows in his snow covered winter fields and greens and blues in his summer scenes of rivers and fields.

Fiore received his formal training at Pratt Institute and also studied painting at the Art Student’s League. He has since taught at both institutions and currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

He also conducts workshops. There are several videos of him working or conducting gallery talks available on YouTube, including a short version (2 minutes) and long version (10 minutes) of one particular plein air session.

Fiore’s work is currently on display in a one man show at the Travis Gallery in New Hope, PA.

This is a terrific gallery just outside of New Hope proper, and Fiore is one of several excellent contemporary realist painters they represent.

The gallery has a selection of work from the show. (Note that the link will be the next current show after this show has ended.) You can also see some photos from the show, which opened in candle light during power outages from the recent storm, on Fiore’s blog.

Fiore also has an alternate blog, Landscape a Day, that is no longer being updated but still has an archive of posts and images. In addition there is a selection of larger images on the Art Renewal Center.

The show at the Travis gallery runs until this Saturday, November 24, 2012. On that Saturday, the 24th, Fiore will be giving a gallery talk and slide presentation at the gallery.


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  1. you perfectly worded how he captures light in his paintings. that last painting is especially amazing!!

  2. Beautiful and powerful.