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All Over Coffee on The Rumpus

All Over Coffee on The Rumpus, Paul Madonna
First of all, if you’re not familiar with Paul Madonna’s wonderful All Over Coffee, you may want to read my previous article on All Over Coffee, or my subsequent post on the second collection, Everything is its own reward, in which I struggle to find sufficient superlatives to describe the feature.

Though ostensibly classified as a comic strip, the weekly feature, which has run for years in the San Francisco Chronicle, is part beautiful ink and wash drawings, part poetry, part wry observations, part story, and part I-don’t-know-what-but-I-really-like-it.

The good news, for those of us who are familiar with the feature, is not only that All Over Coffee has continued and flourished, but it is now available in at least two more forms. In addition to Madonna’s own site and the Chronicle’s SF Gate site, All over Coffee is now available on The Rumpus (where it is perhaps easiest to browse), and the second collection, Everything is its own reward is now available as a free iPad app (iTunes link).

The iPad app, rather than just offering the collection in book format, is actually linear, stepping from image to image with the words slowly revealed, adding an element of time and contemplation. (Ideally, you would want both the app and the printed version.)

The Rumpus also hosts Madonna’s Small Potatoes, a more traditional and less extravagant comic strip, as well as an interview with the artist in which he discusses his recent (and very different) book, Album.

The Rumpus also features an eclectic collection of other comics, and Paul Madonna serves as the Comics Editor.

I’m delighted to see Madonna continuing All Over Coffee and broadening its reach in addition to pursuing other projects.

All Over Coffee, in any of its available forms, is simply a treat.

[Addendum: Reader MJ was kind enough to let me know there is a KQED video interview with Paul Madonna.]


4 responses to “All Over Coffee on The Rumpus

  1. Posted this on one of your other reviews:

    There’s a neat older interview video with him here (includes process):

    1. Thanks, MJ. I’ve added it to the post.

  2. oh…i love finds like this one! Madonna’s art is amazing…so hard to believe it is in a newspaper in the comic section! i have to check out his website!

  3. Thanks Charley,
    I enjoyed the first two posts on him. The art is so great. Stunning compositions.
    You can also add… part wish I had thought of it!…