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Stan Prokopenko, drawing tutorials is a website maintained by artist and teacher Stan Prokopenko, in which he offers a number of free drawing tutorials as well as a full length portrait drawing instructional DVD that can be purchased through the site.

The free tutorials are among the best I’ve seen on the web, and to date feature instruction on drawing the head and facial features, basically in the manner of the Andrew Loomis method of construction (see my posts on Drawing the Head and Hands, Figure Drawing for All it’s Worth and Creative Illustration).

The videos are well produced, and Prokopenko has a nice breezy manner of instruction. There are also seasonal posts about drawing characters for Halloween and Christmas, and a post on his materials with instructions on his method of sharpening a charcoal pencil for “painterly” tone drawing.

The videos are also available on Prokopenko’s YouTube channel.

Prokopenko also has a website on which you can see his portfolio of paintings and drawings.

[Via Dave Gibbons: @davegibbons90 on Twitter]


11 responses to “Proko drawing tutorials”

  1. Dorlene Cuellar Avatar
    Dorlene Cuellar

    I’ve been drawing for awhile now. I would like to improve on my skills

  2. Dorlene Cuellar Avatar
    Dorlene Cuellar

    Would like to improve on my skills.

  3. Steve McCracken Avatar
    Steve McCracken

    I want to learn. Help.

  4. Nicely done, the drawing tutorial is exceptional. Perspective matters when drawing 3D drawings

  5. I just happened to come across this when looking for diy projects on Pinterest and realized that the boys picture is the picture my boyfriend drew of his son, unknowingly somehow it was posted under this site without him knowing and he’s the one who drew it all on his own with no teaching!

  6. B Rammelkamp Avatar
    B Rammelkamp

    Very helpful

  7. First class tutorial

  8. Good find! Anything that can help me with my art is much appreciated 🙂

  9. I use your technique for my tattooing. Thanks! !

  10. Excelente trabajo con una técnica increíble.

    Es verdaderamente asombroso el poder de un lápiz

    Estoy interesado en aprender a dibujar de esta forma

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