2 Replies to “Eye Candy for Today: Leighton’s Garden of the Hesperides”

  1. I am truly awed at times with classical paintings or classical technique. Mythology is not my favorite subject in painting but I have a reverence for the skill involved and the training etc. that the artist put into these works. I suppose now that if an artist were to paint like this they would be noticed but I think to myself…even if one learns to paint in the classical tradition will they be able to sell it? The respect of one’s peers etc. doesn’t put food on one’s table so it isn’t a surprise that the “long and torturous” styled of paintings are seen only in museums now.

  2. I think you’ll find that the traditions of 19th century painting (not necessarily with mythology as a subject) have been in resurgence in the last few decades. You’ll find a selection of contemporary artists working in that general tradition here for a start.

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