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Eye Candy for Today: Kano Sansetsu Plum

The Old Plum, Kano Sansetsu
The Old Plum, attributed to Kano Sansetsu, ink, color and gold on gilded paper, 1645 (Edo period).

This wonderfully gnarled old tree, portrayed across four sliding door panels, is almost a landscape — or a world — in itself.

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Click Fullscreen, then zoom or use download arrow.


2 responses to “Eye Candy for Today: Kano Sansetsu Plum”

  1. Yes!!! Cannot wait to learn and perform this ancient old technique, that has been on my mind to try out, for a quite a while, as if you´ve read my mind, Charley.

  2. Really interesting , evokes a real sense of wonder ….