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illustrators magazine

illustrators magazine: Denis McLoughlin, Ian Kennedy, Angel Badia Camps, Cheri Herouard, Mick Brownfield
illustrators is a new quarterly illustration art magazine from the UK.

For those familiar with magazines like ImageS, Illustration and illo (links to my posts), this is a welcome addition to the small range of quarterly publications dedicated to showcasing illustration, both contemporary and classic. In this case it is with a UK and European perspective rather than an American one, and the inclusion of comics illustrators.

I received a review copy of illustrators #1 (images above) and found it well produced, with excellent image quality and the kind of print production values that make it seem as much a book as a magazine.

In depth, style and era of illustration, the magazine strikes a nice balance. In this issue the lead article was extensive, running some 40 pages, the second article detailed but a bit shorter at 20, then a 10 page article article and some shorter ones. The issue wraps up with book reviews and, like the other quarterly illustration magazines, has ads that are often as much of interest to the reader as the content.

The illustrators website lists the currently available issues (up to #3 as of this writing) and gives a good sized click-through preview of issue #1, and a shorter one of issue #2.

(Images above: Denis McLoughlin – cover and second down, Ian Kennedy, Angel Badia Camps, Cheri Herouard, Mick Brownfield)