Newsreel visit to Fleischer Studios

Newsreel visit to Fleischer Studios
This 1939 Paramount “Popular Science” newsreel explains the basic principles of cartoon animation in the course of a visit to Fleischer Studios, where they are working on a Popeye cartoon.

I don’t know how long this will be available on YouTube before some copyright troll or other demands a takedown.

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  1. Great find thanks! As an art student I worked in an animation studio for a few semesters under a former Popeye animator. It was fun and we ate this kind of “behind the scenes” info up. He had tons of great stories. Back in the day Fleischer was the “big dog” and Disney the up and comer. After Snow White that all changed. Fleischer would never come close to D’s success after that and faded into oblivion.

    1. Thanks, Steve.

      I’ve always found it unfortunate that the studio wasn’t able to continue. Fleischer was so innovative and inventive, as well as less restrained in their artistic direction than Disney.

  2. Thanks, Charley. I’m glad they showed a glimpse of the rotating background stage, which Fleischer Studios innovated. In its own way, it’s as cool as Disney’s multiplane background techniques.

  3. Awesome find. I spend as much time on Youtube as most Americans spend on TV but don’t come across a 10th of the best content available. I have always had a great interest in old school animation and had taken a class in animation at M.I.C.A.’s summer youth classes, ‘the good ol days’. This stuff is great though the cheezy-ness of 40-60’s documentary productions is to be loved or hated Lol. I have been bludgeoned of late by trailers for the “Jake and beanstalk?” CGI produced movie and I find my admiration for animation does not extend to Pixar etc. To each his/her own but I find CGI largely disappointing, I find the vintage cartons all too charming in comparison. Added note, I have been messing about with designs for a drafting table to build and I think I have found the answer, the turntable style is so cool, why didn’t I think of that *face palms* I had a designed for a table with pop-up easel but the turntable will have to be included now! Awesome, thanks.

  4. Wow,….this is sheer talent and lots of hard work. You can tell a lot of those people took pride. Today with benefits of the computer they have explored more ground especially with color and realism. But animation back then had working class charm, kinda like a Rembrandt.

    Thanks for post charlie, I was able to save the video also.

  5. Thanks for the suggestion and link, definitely cool and I will build myself something comparable. The desktop variety are nice and look fairly easy to build too.
    It is odd that I spend so much time looking through Blick catalogs etc and never came across these table designs. I am not too ashamed to announce my ignorance though.

    Thanks again Charley.

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