Museo Sorolla on Google Art Project

Museo Sorolla on Google Art Project; Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida
The Google Art Project, which I have written about previously, continues to add to its impressive list of participating museums.

Every once in a while, something truly delightful pops up in the “Recently Added” section of the Collections page, and the Museuo Sorolla, a museum dedicated to the works of brilliant Spanish painter Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida, is now one of them.

In addition to the glorious high resolution images of 33 works now available on GAP (as of this writing), you can find some additional high res images on Wikimedia Commons (also here). To sort the high-res images on Wikimedia, look under the caption for those for which the file size is listed in MB rather than KB.

You can also find some large (mixed with smaller) images on WikiPaintings. I’ve linked to my related posts on Sorolla below, many of which contain links to additional sources of Sorolla images.

I will also recommend the beautiful recently published collection of his work, Sorolla: The Masterworks.


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  1. My wife and I spent a week in Madrid last spring visiting the most significant art museums in that city (and there are a lot.) The two afternoons that made the greatest impressions on us were our trips to Sorolla’s home and studio (repository for 1400 of his paintings and drawings) and our trip to the brilliantly restored Goya frescos in the chapel of San Antonio de Florida. Spain’s economy may be on the ropes at present but her artistic heritage has never been more conspicuous.

  2. Sorolla is one of those artists who somehow gets overlooked much of the time — a little too facile, a little too much of a crowd-pleaser, a sort of turn-of-the-century Norman Rockwell. That’s a shame, because his technical brilliance is easily on a par with Sargent or Whistler, and his painting deserves much more attention than it gets. Thanks for this reminder that the dozen or so French, English and American painters in our Art History 101 textbooks aren’t always the end of the story. Nice work.

  3. This is good news, thanks for posting the link! Sorolla’s paintings are so exuberant and sensual and filled with sunlight, really pure joy to look at, I love them.

    At a short visit to Madrid last year I had just one short hour to see the Sorolla Museum, but I am so glad I did! Not just for the impressive paintings and interesting small studies exhibited there, but the house itself, the garden and Sorolla’s studio are very beautiful. Really a small gem of a Museum…

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