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Wayne Plein Air Festival 2013

Wayne Plein Air Festival 2013, Elise Phillips, Charlie Hunter, Lisa Mitchell
The Wayne Plein Air Festival, held here in Southeastern Pennsylvania each May, is now in its seventh year and has grown into an important regional plein air event.

The participating artists paint for three days at locations within 15 miles of the town, one day in nearby Philadelphia and one day in the town of Wayne proper, where it is easier for onlookers to watch them painting.

I got a chance to walk through the town on the last day of painting last week, and to speak with a number of the 30 participating artists, who come from up an down the Eastern seabord, and sometimes further. I hope to highlight several of them in the next week or two.

There is a gallery of work by some of the painters on the site of the Wayne Art Center, which hosts the event. Though not of paintings painted for this years event, they are representative of the artists’ work.

There is also a PDF copy of an article from Chester County Life and an article on NewsWorks with a gallery of work from last year’s event and a brief interview with local painter Michelle Byrne.

The exhibition of work from this year’s event will be on display at the Wayne Art Center until June 28, 2013.

(Shown above: Elise Phillips, Charlie Hunter, Lisa Mitchell)


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  1. Gabe Nechamkin Avatar
    Gabe Nechamkin

    Nice paintings. Old paintings and painters are awesome. I have seen many old time paintings and all of them are awesome. I should say there were best. With limited facilities they made awesome paintings.

    Gabe Nechamkin