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Kenne Gregoire

Kenne Gregoire
Kenne Gregoire is a Dutch painter who is showing his work in the U.S. for the first time in an exhibition that opens today at the Arcadia Gallery in New York.

(Note that the link given will change to the next current exhibition after 6/1/13. After that you may still be able to access the exhibition catalog on Issuu.)

Gregoire has several thematic areas in which he explores different approaches. The most prominent seems to be still life in which he uses a combination of isometric perspective and naturalistic rendering. This is contrasted with other still life subjects in which he takes a more straightforward approach.

There are other repeated themes, such as patterned backgrounds and figurative work that varies from naturalistic to stylized.

In all of his work he demonstrates a refined control of texture and color, usually casting his subjects in muted light and emphasizing their textural characteristics.


2 responses to “Kenne Gregoire”

  1. Great work. I’m not surprised he is at Arcadia Gallery.

    I like his use of isometric perspective, which lends itself well to still life. It gives the work a formal quality with great volume of forms but at the same time a flatness of depth, a notion present in eastern art where the entire picture plane shares the same importance as opposed to western (not cowboy) art and its use of depth or atmospheric perspective.

    I also enjoy the two different paintings “Greatest Day”, the chair with brightly colored cut paper, and the above “Stars of Heaven, cathedral interior, for their surreal and almost monolithic quality.

  2. Arcadia has a great group doesn’t it. Got to talk to Francis Livingston at length at Spectrum Live this weekend. One artist I found that lives fairly close to me. Because of Gregoire I did an isometric inspired piece a couple of years ago as a quick fun thing and it turned out quite nice. Love the work Charley, thanks.