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Eye Candy for today: Ingle watercolor

Still Life with Brass Candlestick, John Stuart Ingle
Still Life with Brass Candlestick, John Stuart Ingle — watercolor on paper, 29×42″ (75x107cm).

A beautiful bit of watercolor realism by contemporary American artist John Stuart Ingle.

In the Metropolitan Museum of Art, use the Fullscreen link and zoom or download arrow.


4 responses to “Eye Candy for today: Ingle watercolor”

  1. WOW! ! ! Just . . . WOW! ! ! Watercolor? ? ? The texture in the fruit, the pattern in the tile, the faint pattern on the napkin? WOW!

  2. I agree with Sherrill. Thanks, Charley!
    Please, do not miss reading his obituary in the StarTribune by Laurie Blake, that is updated on November 8, 2010
    John Camp’s book, The Eye and the Heart: Watercolors of John Stuart Ingle [Hardcover]
    is a must-have/essential. It contains 32 reproduced watercolours and more.

  3. ISBN for The eye and the heart by Pulitzer Prize winner John Camp aka John Sandford is
    The Eye and the Heart (1988) ISBN 0-8478-0888-2
    What a treat!

  4. Reavenk Avatar

    That’s the most realistic and seamless watercolor I’ve ever seen. I especially like grout and the texture on the knife.