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Maja Wronska
Maja Wronska is, I think, a Polish architecture student. I’m a little uncertain in that she doesn’t appear to have a dedicated website — relying instead on a deviantART gallery and a Tumblog for her web presence, neither of which have much in the way of a bio.

She posts on both of them, however, her watercolors and pencil drawings of buildings in prague, Venice, Paris and other cities in Europe and the U.S. In these she dives right into angular perspective renderings of the most complex building facades likely to be found: cathedrals, train stations, bridges, monumental gates, government buildings and detailed street scenes.

I take the assumption the she is an architecture student partly from her comments on a couple of images, and on her mention of an architectural competition in which she is entered (and on which you are invited to vote)

Her deviantART page includes a time lapse video of her process as well as a couple of step-through image tutorials.

She also has prints available on society6.

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5 responses to “Maja Wronska”

  1. Really nice work! So much detail!

  2. Maja’s work is beautiful! I particularly like the paintings that have a very angular perspective.

  3. Wow! One could only dream of rendering the urban landscape in such rich and beautiful detail, and her color sense is wonderful. Thanks for highlighting her!

  4. Her work is tremendously terrific! The detail, perspective and just the touch of the brush or pencil is beautiful.

  5. Beautiful! Thanks so much for posting these.