The Unicorn Magical Drawing and Painting Horse

The Unicorn Magical Drawing and Painting Horse
As I mentioned in my 2007 article on “The Drawing bench (horse)“, I’m fond of the arrangement provided by these usually simple benches that allow for a “sight-over” position when seated and drawing.

I say “usually simple”, because I got a kick out of comment recently posted to the article on this amazingly deluxe variation, apparently suitable for a Gilded Age drawing room. The manufacturer’s site, for the bench, which they call the “Unicorn LE” and describe as “a magical drawing & painting horse”. I’m not exactly sure about its specific magical properties, but it has a delightful tagline that reads: “Elegant enough for the living room and sturdy enough for the studio”. I suppose you could get matching ones for either side of the couch.

I had to chuckle a bit, as this is a far cry from the normal plain arrangement of three or four boards, even when factory bought rather than cobbled together from scrap lumber. I haven’t tried one, of course, but the padded seat and handy storage drawer look just dandy.

The website doesn’t list a price, suggesting you contact the company (display and graphics firm, Scale 2) for information, so maybe you have to hock your car and sign away hour first born to afford one, I don’t know.

Sure is pretty, though.

(Aside: I found out that the term “drawing room” as often used in Victorian times, has nothing to do with artists, but is rather a shortened version of “withdrawing room”, a room to which one withdraws after a meal for conversation and other diversions.)

[Suggestion courtesy of Layil Umbralux]


12 Replies to “The Unicorn Magical Drawing and Painting Horse”

  1. Magical? I don’t think so!
    Nothing that couldn’t be hacked together in an afternoon for $30.00 by someone with some hand tools.
    They’re really great for drawing in the studio though.
    What I’d like to see is a combination French easel and drawing horse, collapsible and with wheels.
    I love your site. I check it every day. Thanks!

  2. The ones in my art classes sure didn’t look like that! There were many days I would have appreciated a little padding! :) I like John’s idea of collapsible with wheels!

  3. That certainly is a deluxe version. I remember the old, wobbly, and uncomfortable ones from my drawing classes. In fact, I started bringing my own pillow because they were so uncomfortable, especially for the long poses. That one above is so fancy that I would be nervous about spilling ink on it or getting it dirty. And what art school could afford to buy enough for a whole class.

    As always, your site is fun, fascinating and educational.

  4. If you click through to the order form, the pricing is listed as $323 for natural finish and $348 for one of the stains. They also list a wheel option for $48. Assuming the build quality is good, it seems a reasonable price to me…now to convince the wife :)

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