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My apologies to those of you who have not been seeing updates for Lines and Colors since mid-December.

I moved the site to a new server, and due to a technical glitch (a “short between the earphones”), those accessing the site as “” have not been seeing the updates, while those using just “” have been seeing the more recent posts as they were made.

Fixed now. Sorry. Enjoy catching up.



8 responses to “Oops.”

  1. Mike Derrow Avatar
    Mike Derrow

    Thank heavens the missing posts were just due to a glitch – I though perhaps you had the flu or some other illness…gotta have my fix of your excellent site almost every day. I love the site and used it frequently as a reference while I was still teaching art…been retired for over a year now but still enjoy your posts immensely. Thanks!

  2. Beth West Avatar
    Beth West

    I was imagining you were off in the Bahamas or something equally relaxing!

  3. Thanks for the explanation (and the fix). Like Beth, I thought you were away for the holidays. A few days ago I Googled “lines and colors” and was able to get the updates (not that I was getting tired of viewing your post on Sorolla-Dec. 16).


  4. Oh so glad you’re back! My mornings were just not the same.

  5. I’m glad you fixed things! Like everyone who posted above I figured you were on vacation but I did miss seeing new art everyday.


    1. Thanks, everyone, for the kind thoughts. Unfortunately, only part of my brain took a vacation. (Grin.)

  6. I was imagining that you were on a grand vacation as well, I enjoyed reviewing some of my favorite posts from earlier in the year and checked out a few of the relevant blogs…and am so glad to see your posts resume. Happy New Year. I find this blog to be most inspiring, thought provoking, educational…thank you for your work!!!

  7. Puh…
    i was worried. But now, everything is fine. Happy new year to you and thanks for your great work.