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Super Bowl art bet 2014

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In what should have been an annual tradition, but was apparently dropped for a time, art museums in the two U.S. cities sending teams to the Super Bowl are again engaging in an art loan wager.

If the Seattle Seahawks win, the Denver Art Museum will loan “The Bronco Buster”, a sculpture by Frederick Remington, to the Seattle Art Museum for three months.

If the Denver Broncos win, the Seattle Art Museum will loan “Sound of Waves”, an ink painting on screen by Tsuji Kako, to the Denver Art Museum.

Each museum is staking the loan of an artwork that can be taken to represent their city’s team in some way.

I think it’s great PR for the museums, gets people talking about art, and should have been a yearly event, but somebody in the last two years apparently (dare I say it?) dropped the ball. (Or, if it happened, I didn’t hear about it.)

For more on the art loan Super Bowl wagers from 2011 and 2010, see my previous Lines and Colors post on the subject.

For more on this year’s wager, see this article on the LA Times.

[Via Jeffrey Hayes @dailypainter]


One response to “Super Bowl art bet 2014”

  1. I love this idea and I agree it’s great PR for museums. Very cool to wagers are related to each team.
    GOOO… oh wait we still don’t have a team herein LA! (ungrin)

    GOOO SEAHAWKS! (because their coach is from USC!)