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Mr. Hublot and the sculptures of Stéphane Halleux

Mr. Hublot and the sculptures of Stephane Halleux
I’m usually not one to watch award shows; I would rather (quite literally) watch paint dry. However, in the case of the Academy Awards, I usually will take note the day after of mentions in the category of Best Animated Short Film.

This year’s winner in that category, Mr. Hublot, a CGI animated short directed by Laurent Witz, is delightful and beautifully realized. It is also, at least for the time being, available to be watched in it entirety on YouTube (albeit not at high resolution).

I found it particularly interesting that the main character, and to a large extent, the look of the film in general, is based on sculptures by Stéphane Halleux (above, bottom images), who I profiled back in 2007 here on Lines and Colors.

As far as I know, Halleux was not involved directly in the making of the film, at least I couldn’t find mention of his participation beyond the initial “based on” credit.

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