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Peter Malone

Peter Malone
Peter Malone is an illustrator from the U.K. who works in watercolor and gouache. His clients include Chronicle Books, Penguin Putnam, Knopf, Pavilion, Random House, Harper Collins, The New Yorker, and Decca.

Malone’s work has a sensually textural quality, in which seemingly flat areas of color are made textural by his application of paint. He often works with muted value and color ranges, carefully controlling the speed with which your eye lingers in his compositions.

You can see Malone’s affection for art of the past, whether obvious, like his homage to Caillebotte (images above, 4th down), or in the general feeling of early Renaissance masters of egg tempera like Sandro Botticelli, in the position and degree of modeling in many of his figures.

In addition to his website, you can find portfolios of his work on the sites of his artists’ representatives, HelfinReps and Killlington Arts. Note that the selection of work on the latter is quite different from the other two.