Eduardo Pena

Eduardo Pena
Singapore based concept and visual development artist Eduardo Pena has an ability to give his digital paintings an unusually effective feeling of atmosphere and scale.

Even among visual development artists, who often strive to achieve those characteristics in their work, Pena has developed his ability to suggest large scale in his scenes, and to set his subjects in tangible mist and atmospheric distance, to a high degree.

He also has a skill in casting his fantastical subjects in naturalistic light, even in works that are largely monochromatic. Unlike many other visual development artists, Pena does not punctuate his pieces in which there is a controlled color cast with bright passages of complementary colors, but instead maintains a restrained overall palette.

He concentrates on creating a more subtle overall composition, within which his dramatic scenes unfold as though you were just gradually noticing that something amazing was going on.

In addition to his galleries on CGHub, Pena has a blog, though it is relatively brief.